SECTION 1:   Legal Provisions of the Board

 The Code of Alabama includes several laws which describe the responsibility and authority of Boards of Education.  The general administration and supervision of the public schools and the educational interests of each city shall be vested in a City Board of Education.


16-11-9   Powers Generally

 The City Board of Education is hereby vested with all powers necessary or proper for the administration and management of the free public schools within such city and adjacent territory to the City Board of Education.


16-11-11    School Property Vested in Board

 All property real, personal and mixed now held or hereafter acquired for school purposes shall be held in trust by the City Board of Education for the use of the public schools of the city.


16-11-18    Educational Policy for City Board of Education

The City Board of Education shall, upon the written recommendation of the
city Superintendent of education, determine and establish a written educational policy for the city and shall prescribe rules and regulations for the conduct and management of the schools.  Before adopting written policies, the Board shall directly, or indirectly through the Superintendent, consult with the professional organization representing the majority of the certified employees and in addition shall also consult with professional assistants, principals, teachers, and interested citizens.  The City Board must establish such policies and adopt such rules and regulations and file them with the State Superintendent of Education.  Such written policies, rules and regulation so established, adopted or promulgated shall be made available to all teachers employed by the City Board.  Any subsequent amendments to such policies, rules and regulations shall be developed in the same manner, filed with the State Superintendent and furnished to the teachers employed by the local board within twenty (20) days after adoption thereof.



SECTION 2:   Purposes of By-Laws

 The Opelika City Board of Education believes that it is for the best interest of education in the Opelika City School System to provide for continuity of action and the orderly transaction of business.  To accomplish this, it has adopted these by-laws which set forth general procedures and policies of the Board and for the operation of the schools.


SECTION 3:   Conflicts With Law

 Wherever in these by-laws or policies there is, or by future legislation there may be created, a conflict with the laws of the State of Alabama, that part of these by-laws or policies shall be void and of no force and effect.


SECTION 4:   Responsibilities of the Board

 The responsibility and authority to establish policies for the administration and management of the public schools in the City of Opelika is vested in the Opelika City Board of Education.  The Board shall act as a legislative body in the determination of policies for the control, operation, maintenance, and improvement of the school system.

 On certain occasions the Board shall serve as a judicial body to hear complaints and appeals of administrative decisions from employees, pupils and/or patrons.  Individual members have status as Board members only during regular or called meetings or when specifically entrusted through Board action to carry definite assignments.

 The Board shall appoint as its executive officer a superintendent of schools, who is also the secretary of the Board of Education.