Bad Weather Policy

Bad Weather Procedure

Opelika City Schools: Bad Weather Policies

The decision to close schools is made only after consulting with the Lee County Emergency Management Agency, the Opelika Police Department, the Alabama State Troopers office and any other weather officials. The decision is usually not made prior to the weather event. If schools will be closed for the day due to snow/ice or inclement weather, the decision will be made that morning and the information will be broadcast on local radio and television stations and posted on the school website . You will also be notified by School Messenger, an automated phone call system that our system uses to contact parents in the event of an emergency or inclement weather.

When the decision is made to close schools early, the local radio stations are notified immediately and will begin making announcements over the air. Parents/Guardians will also receive an automated message from the school through School Messenger. Bus drivers are contacted so that buses can begin operating as soon as possible. A sufficient number of school employees will provide supervision until all students have safely departed.

What Parents/Guardians Need To Do: Please instruct your child as to what he/she should do if schools close early. He/she should know whether to ride the bus or wait to be picked up at school. If it is not likely that someone will be at home when your child arrives, make sure your child knows what to do or where to go - such as to the home of a neighbor, relative, or friend. If your child does not ride the bus, please make arrangements to have him/her picked up immediately. Children get upset if they remain at school for long periods of time without contact from a parent, friend, relative. Also, traffic conditions will worsen during the day, so for the safety of you, your child, and the school staff, it is imperative that you pick up your child quickly.

Listen to Local Radio and Television Stations

We rely on our local radio and television stations to broadcast school closings as soon as they become official. Please tune in to a local radio/tv station:

WKKR - 97.7 FM

WMXA - 96.7 FM

WZMG - 1520 AM

WANI - 1400 AM


WSFA-TV, Channel 12

WTVM - TV, Channel 9

WRBL-TV, Channel 3

WLTZ-TV, Channel 13

Do not depend on the school office phones. School phone lines are flooded with calls and personnel cannot deliver messages to students in the middle of an early dismissal. Have a plan in place before the need arises.

If Bad Weather Causes Substantial Damage and/or Extensive Power Outages in the Area

Tune in to local radio and television stations for the announcement of school closings following severe weather that causes substantial damage and/or extensive power outages. Announcements will be broadcast as soon as a decision is made regarding school closings. . Parents/Guardians will also receive an automated message from the school through School Messenger. Do not assume that schools will be closed if you have not heard or seen this information on a local radio and/or television station.

Updated 12/15/2011